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Environmental activities

SAVE is an environmental education project being implemented in the schools of Kozhikode district.Vadayakkandy Narayanan has been its coordinator for five years from 2014.
 SAVE envisages to mold and empower the students in the diversified environmental activities, listed as follows:

  • One Class... One Tree! : An idea to plant a tree in a student's heart, not just at the backyard. Each class is entrusted and supported to plant a tree and nurture it.
  • One School... One Kaavu!: Kaavu is the most diversified trees abode with abundance of organic ecosystem. If the land is not a constraint, a kaavu, with a minimum of 10 trees at a school can long way in pre severing the nature at its best.
  • Zero Budget Plastic Waste Management: A project initiated state-wide by the Green Community, to manage the plastic waste without any expense. 
  • Awakening Camps: The camps always help to enlighten the deeper thought on environment and to bond better.
  • Herbal Garden: A garden full of medicinal plants, which would create a natural gaurd to the school and the surrounding premises
  • Butterflies Garden: This would help to go deeper in echo-system - more the butterflies around, better the ecosystem.
  • Collection of NATTARIVU: In modern times, the roots are forgotten and not preserved. The efforts to collect the 'Nattarivu' would help find solutions to many chronic issues, while students are self-empowered
  • Star Watching: It can be food for the curiosity of the students and an arena enabling students to open the door to a new world, totally closed otherwise! Getting to know the universe in specifics.
  • Bird Watching: An activity which can be taken as fun-filled one while abundance of learning takes place when watching the birds and its movements.
  • Haritha Theerthadanam: It's a study tour to the nearby place to learn more on the environmental aspects of the area.
  • Manu-script Magazines: Under SAVE, the students are encouraged to vent out their creative side of the brain in the form of a magazine which is manually written. A contest would be organized to choose the best 3 magazines under SAVE program.
  • Green Exhibitions: Another platform for students to showcase their creative skills in terms of the exhibition of the art forms such as drawings, photos or any other such art forms.
  • Short Films: In this technically equipped world, taking short-films with a duration of less than 10 minutes is just a normal affair. A contest would be apt in this segment too.
  • Pakshikku Paanapaathram: Thinking of others is the right virtue and feeding others is the great virtue one can posses. With drinking water for birds in a mud vessel kept outside classroom, the birds will be regular visitors to the school.
  • Organic / Natural Farming: If the land is not a constraint or available outside school, guiding students on farming that too without using any chemical fertilizers and/or pesticides would be an ideal thing to do.
  • Promoting ink-pens: Being the cheapness of the ball-pens in price, students imbibe a culture of 'use and throw' of them. Hence inculcating a culture of using ink-pen would reach less harm to the environment.
  • It's privilege to see many leading catalysts offering the support, such as Marble Mahal,  Corporation Bank Thiruvalloor, Dr K.Muhammad, Thodannur.
  • Bio Diversity Campus:Performing many environmental activities making all schools bio diversity campus
  • Jeevajalam: A move to clean and preserve water bodies. Each school will select one water body. With the cooperation of a public committee, clean the water body and protect it. Steps also will be taken to clean and preserve all the temple and mosque ponds.

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Vadayakkandy's 'visheshsngal'

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Vadayakkandy's 'visheshsngal'

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Vadayakkandy's 'visheshsngal'

Mr. Vadayakkandy Narayanan was born on 9th October 1967at Chaniyam Kadave as the seventh child of Vadayakkandy Gopalan Master and Pashnakkuzhi Mathu Amma. Being the youngest he had four brothers and two sisters. He had his education at Thiruvallur East U.P School, Santhinikethan Sec. School Thiruvallur, Maneesha Arts College Vatakara, Govt.College Madappally, Titus II Teachers’ College Thiruvalla, and Madurai Kamaraj University. He is a postgraduate in English Language and Literature, had BEd and SET. Now he is working as a teacher at Santhinikethan Sec. School Thiruvallur.

He married Leju Panayullathil; Kolavippalam on 1st February 1998.She is a homemaker. They had two daughters, Gopika.N.Lakshmi a 6th standard pupil and Anavadya.N.Lakshmi a 2nd standard pupil. They are good at studies.

Mr. Vadayakkandy is the state committee member and the Kozhikode District General Secretary of Kerala Congress (M) and Gen. Secretary of English Graduates’ Association.

Phone: 9447262801

Email ID:
Vadayakkandy's 'visheshsngal'
Vadayakkandy’s mission

Broadly speaking Vadayakkandy’s mission is to serve the society. To be specific let’s analyze his involvements in the various spheres like educational, political, environmental, cultural, social etc.


Being a teacher, of course, his involvement in the educational sphere is commentable.But there also he has got a special mission to take over. He has more than thousand pupils who shine in different walks of life, who think of him reverently and relevantly. Certainly this will be true with every teacher. But beyond this his role in the teaching of English in the high schools of Kerala is exemplary.

English had been taught by any graduate teacher in our high schools .The e G.O(MS) 11/2002 dtd. 7/1/2002 made it mandatory that in the high schools English should be taught by English graduates who have English BEd also. The English Graduates’ Association, he being its Secretary, sweated a lot behind the issue of such an order. The clarification orders of the above said order bears the representation from Secretary English Graduates’ Association as reference,none but he was that secretary. The order has made a revolution in the English teaching learning process and English is no longer the toughest for the high school pupils.


Being born in a Congress family, he also was considered a Congress supporter. But during the early stages he made little interest in politics. On the other hand, while being a student in Govt. College Madappally, he had close contacts with SFI leaders and other Left Movements; and once he had membership in Sastra Sahithya Parishad.

Many eyebrows were raised when he started his political career as a Kerala Congress man which ofcourse made a turning point in his life. Soon he became the state committee member of Kerala Congress (M); he was the state gen. secretary of Kerala Private Teachers’ Front, the teachers ‘ union of Kerala Congress, for one term. He could realize that his presence could be made better in this party unlike in the other major parties and the people around him could be better benifitted.His political influence helped him a lot in the issue of the English Order (GO[MS] 11/2002).The foot path from East U.P School to Cheriyariyattil rock, the Thriruvallur Registrar Office _ Siva Temple road,Kannambathukara _ Karimbakkandy road,Iringath_ Moottapparambu road(Meppayur Panchayath),Pilathottam _Mangam Moozhi road (Maniyur Panchayath) ,inclusion of Kavumkuni colony in Ambedkar colony along with many other minor and major activities give examples for his political involvement. His services as a Kadvu Committee member, Taluk Legal Services Committee member etc. can never be looked down upon. And ofcourse there is a long way to go with the help of the people around him


His involvement in the cultural sphere is note worthy.And of course it is many in number.One among them let's examine. He is a noted announcer in the youth festivals.His announcement has got certain specialties.Usually the announcements are made in 'Munglish' ie. in a language where Malayalam and English are mixed.But unlike others he uses only Malayalam words while making the announcement.When the state Youth festival (Kerala School Kalolsavam) was held at Kozhikodein 2009-2010 the channels and the news papers found this very interesting and spent their time and space for covering it.An example is here:

A news scrap from Malayala Manorama daily:


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Vadayakkandy's 'visheshsngal'